Pat (mimisoliel) wrote in ars_divina,

March 16, 2007: Doctor Orpheus Speak Day

I, Doctor Orpheus, proclaim this day of 16 of March 2007, and each 16 of March there after, Doctor Byron Orpheus Speak Day! All beings of a sentient disposition shall speak with careful enunciation and thoughtful illumination, in a manner, such as I, as to clarify thoughts and ideas, in a manner which no other sentient persona shall suffer the slightest bit of intellectual confusions or the merest trickle of melancholia!

This day, Doctor Byron Orpheus Speak Day, which shall also be known as Orpheus Day, for the brevity of conversational use, shall never fall on 15 of March, also known as The Ides of March, and not in any way, a reference to the 1960s pop music combo! Nor shall Orpheus Day or The Day of Orpheus ever fall on 17 of March; The Drunkards' Holiday!

Let it be known, far and wide, in grotto or glacier, in hamlet or metropolis, that such is this day, a day of reckoning, a day of thought, a day of consideration, that I, Doctor Byron Orpheus, has made this proclamation strong and clear in the minds of all beings possessing the brain of a noble humankind within each and every cranium that such an organic and intellectual machine shall ever inhabit!
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