Festival of Fantastic Films, Manchester

Just in from the 19th Festival of Fantastic Films [Manchester, UK, 17-19 October]:

"John Scott, Robert Fuest & Jess Conrad have all confirmed attendance (subject to commitments).


"1) We have received a contact from Lamberto Bava confirming that it is his intention to attend the Festival of Fantastic Films. We apologise for the lateness of the notification - however it is great news.

"2) Also attending will be Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer whose new movies are Brotherhood of Blood, starring Sid Haig and Ken Foree; also Alone in the Dark 2, starring Lance Hendrikson and Danny Trejo. Michael and Peter will be bringing both movies.

"3) New movies being shown as well as the above include Dracula's Guest and Boston Strangler: The Untold Story.

"We are also showing the new documentary by Don Fearney called Legend of Hammer Vampires.

"4) Finally we have received great news that our old friend Richard Gordon is attending again this year."

The Whitehouse Coup

This current era is not the first time an Invisible Government was planned for the United States

Uncovering details of a planned coup in the USA in 1933 by a group of right-wing American businessmen.

The coup was aimed at toppling President Franklin D Roosevelt with the help of half-a-million war veterans. The plotters, who were alleged to involve some of the most famous families in America, (owners of Heinz, Birds Eye, Goodtea, Maxwell Hse & George Bush’s Grandfather, Prescott) believed that their country should adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini to beat the great depression.

Mike Thomson investigates why so little is known about this biggest ever peacetime threat to American democracy.

INTERNET RADIO ARTICLE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/history/document/rams/document_20070723.ram

Sargent Pepper 40th Anniversary Re-recording in June

My mother called me early this morning with this news. Maybe everyone already knows about this and I missed it.

Geoff Emerick, the lead recording engineer on the Beatles' legendary recording will use the original Abbey Road equipment, with many pop music groups, including Oasis, to record Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The original album was released June 1, 1967.

BBC Radio will debut the new album on June 2, 2007.

Politicos in the MU

After seeing Omega Flight #1, I gotta ask a question. I always remembered Marvel using real world politicians in their books; it gave it that sense of Verisimilitude.

I recall that in the past they've used real world political leaders, such as in X-Men 136, with Jimmy Carter & X-MEn 150 with a page full of folks including Thatcher and Reagan and 141 with then PM Trudeau.

Have they given up on that? I don't recall Civil War, but did they show President Bush, or was it President Generic?

March 16, 2007: Doctor Orpheus Speak Day

I, Doctor Orpheus, proclaim this day of 16 of March 2007, and each 16 of March there after, Doctor Byron Orpheus Speak Day! All beings of a sentient disposition shall speak with careful enunciation and thoughtful illumination, in a manner, such as I, as to clarify thoughts and ideas, in a manner which no other sentient persona shall suffer the slightest bit of intellectual confusions or the merest trickle of melancholia!

This day, Doctor Byron Orpheus Speak Day, which shall also be known as Orpheus Day, for the brevity of conversational use, shall never fall on 15 of March, also known as The Ides of March, and not in any way, a reference to the 1960s pop music combo! Nor shall Orpheus Day or The Day of Orpheus ever fall on 17 of March; The Drunkards' Holiday!

Let it be known, far and wide, in grotto or glacier, in hamlet or metropolis, that such is this day, a day of reckoning, a day of thought, a day of consideration, that I, Doctor Byron Orpheus, has made this proclamation strong and clear in the minds of all beings possessing the brain of a noble humankind within each and every cranium that such an organic and intellectual machine shall ever inhabit!

LinkTV needs your help

It's a great station that is TRULY public supported only. They take no money from any government or corporartions. Just us.

If you can, donate something. I hope you check out the station as well. LinkTV plays informative and entertaining shows and films from all over the planet.

You can find them on DirecTV; channel 375, Dish Network; 9410, or what ever your local cable channel may be.

At this moment, they're dedicating the evening to programming about the United States government and media 9/11 cover-up.