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I don't know how they do it, but the Japanese seem to have such an intrinsic understanding of what makes certain American things cool, that whenever they do their own versions of the same things, even if they stay completely on model while doing it, it just looks waaaay way better.

Case in point:

When Saban productions sold the X-Men cartoon series to Japan, the Japanese did their own Anime-styled opening sequences for the first two seasons. Since most of teh voice artists for that show came from Toronto, I've had the pleasure of meeting a lot of those folks, but there is *nothing* as cool as these two opening sequences that were ever meant to be seen by an American audience. The Japanese watching the show must have felt a little ripped off when it went from what you're about to see to the same static, boring American animation style that we all saw for the body of these shows.

But these intros - everything that is cool about the X-men is anime-ed out the wazooo and ten times as cool.

Check em out and tell me what you think:

Here's what we got in North America:

Yeah - servicible... Boring...

Japanese Season One Intro

CRY FOR THE MOOOON! (yeah, I don't know either... but those Sentinals and Brood aliens getting their heads sliced off by Cyclops look GREAT!!)

Season Two

I love the bit with Wolvie & Jubilee on the bikes! That weird cut from Wolvie slashing to Scott and Jean moodily being seperated by Wolvie, and then the three of them on the plain... Too too Japanese - but it works! The second theme song kicks ASSS too!

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