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It's time for a breath of fresh, sweet, Geek-embracing air.

Tired of the bickering and anal-retentive flame-wars provided by anti-progressive stick-in-the-muds and stereotype-supporting basement dwellers who have nothing better to do with their wit and intellect then build a social shell around themselves, this group's founders have taken it upon themselves to find the old in their own certain corner of Geekery and trumpet it for the like-minded to see.

It's time we took our Geekery back from the unwashed misanthropes, and this humble Salon for all things Pop Cultural is the place where we can begin.

Welcome by invitation, more to follow...

"For a bulky segment of a century, I have been an avid follower of comic strips -- all comic strips; this is a statement made with approximately the same amount of pride with which one would say, "I've been shooting cocaine into my arm for the past 25 years." I cannot remember how the habit started, and I am presently unable to explain why it persists. I know only that I'm hooked, by now, that's all. I can't stop. I even take a certain unspeakable tabloid for its strips, though, when I am caught with it on my doorstep, I still have shame enough left to try to laugh matters off by explaining that you really ought to know what your enemies are up to. When I will that you that I am in daily touch with the horrible, sightless, Orphan Annie - who, I am convinced, is Westbrook Pegler's adopted child - that I keep up with the particular nasty experiences of Dick Tracy, that even, for heaven's sake, I was the one who strung along with Deathless Deer until her mercy killing, you will know that Mother is a gone pigeon. When cornered, I try to make rather doggy excuses. I say that comic strips are important pieces of Americana. But it doesn't hold, you know. You cannot class the relationship between Flash Gordon and Dale as something peculiarly American. I flatly do not know why I do as I do. For I do not enjoy the strips. I read them solemnly and sourly, and there is no delight in me because of them."
- Dorothy Parker


"What we need is a common story that connects us to Creation, that discovers the sacred, the magic in every moment. We need to evoke the deep sense of connection and relationships, the pattern that illuminates our place, our identity, direction and purpose. We need stories we can share as children of the earth, stories that bring us to a knowledge of ourselves as global beings and as participants in a vast and wondrous unfolding of Creation."
- Joseph Campbell on STAR WARS


"I hated DC...the difference between DC and Marvel is the difference between Superman and The Hulk. The Hulk, as in Ovid, is doomed to transformation based on the quality of his emotional life... meanwhile Superman is just basically a really nice male model with endlessly good motives... Superheroes that were condemned by their skills, made foul by them, those were the ones I liked." - Rick Moody, author of THE ICE STORM


(more to follow...)
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